September 2015

DIY | Kitchen Towel Pillows

My name is Ashley and I am addicted to pillows. I would buy new pillows for my house every month if it wouldn’t bankrupt me. Since that isn’t an option, I found a way to make pillows that won’t break the bank! Continue reading “DIY | Kitchen Towel Pillows”


Adventures | Fall Bucket List

I LOVE FALL! When the weather feels crisp and the leaves start to change, I can’t help but crave pumpkin-flavored foods and fall activities. To get ready for the season, Alex and I came up with the following list of autumn adventures to enjoy this year! Continue reading “Adventures | Fall Bucket List”

Adventures | Historic Smithville

If you continue to read my blog, you will learn that Ocean City, NJ is my happy place. I grew up going down the shore with family…it is a calming, relaxing place that always recharges and re-energizes me! Continue reading “Adventures | Historic Smithville”

Thoughts | Opening the locks of life

By definition, a skeleton key is a special key designed to unlock many doors. If you think about it, life is comprised of a series of doors with locks that we all face, but we each have a skeleton key → that special thing each of us possesses that allows us to unlock all those doors we face in life. We just need to learn that being ourselves is always the key! Continue reading “Thoughts | Opening the locks of life”

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