My name is Ashley and I am addicted to pillows. I would buy new pillows for my house every month if it wouldn’t bankrupt me. Since that isn’t an option, I found a way to make pillows that won’t break the bank!

I can usually find some cute ones at stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods and Target, but I sometimes struggle to find exactly what I’m looking for. At the end of last fall, I fell in love with dish towels that were on clearance on Target. They had an amazing pumpkin print and matched the colors in my house perfectly. I picked up three of them and decided I’d turn them into pillows…it sounds crazy, but I think it worked out!

blog_pillow towels

Here is what you’ll need:blog_pillow what you need

  • Kitchen towels (I made three pillows, so I needed three towels. Make sure the towels are not the usual towel-like material…the ones I picked up have a smooth fabric!)
  • Singer handheld sewing machine ($14.44 at Walmart)
  • Straight pins ($1.00 at Walmart)
  • Pillow fiber filling ($3.47/bag at Walmart)

Start by ironing your towels, then fold them in half and pin them around the edges to keep them even as you work. Using your handheld sewing machine (this took me a little while to master!), start at the top of the fabric where there is no seam. Because you are using a kitchen towel, three of the edges will look finished because you are sewing along the already finished edges; however, the top of the pillow doesn’t have seams, so you will want to create your own so the whole pillow has edging.

blog_pillow stuffingThe handheld sewing machine makes it easy to turn the corners, so you can continue to sew along all of the edges without starting and stopping. As you approach the last side, you’ll need to leave half of it open for the filling. On the first go, I took the sewing machine off and tied a knot, but for the others, I actually just left the sewing machine in the fabric while I stuffed the pillow. Once you stuff the pillow with the filling, simply finish up the edge, tie a knot in the thread and you’re done!

blog_pillow close upI’ll admit, the first one was a little tricky, mostly because I had to figure out how to
use the sewing machine and keep it straight…but the second and third turned out even better. Now, I’ll be able to make pillows for every season if I find cute kitchen towels.

Let me know if you take this on…it’s simple and saves money while freshening up your home decor!

blog_pillows full couch