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I flew to Denver, Colorado for a quick work trip this week. Each time I need to fly, I fill my “personal item” bag with virtually the same things that bring me comfort during a long trip. I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my bag when I fly!

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1) Cords, cords, cords! When you are traveling, you have to remember to bring along chargers for all of your electronic devices. When I fly and I’m trying to pack efficiently, I keep all of my cords and chargers in a sunglass case so they don’t get tangled throughout my bag.

2) Speaking of cords…I travel with several electronics! My phone isn’t in the picture, but that is always with me, obviously. I also bring along my computer…you never know when the inspiration for a blog post might hit! For flights where I know I may not be able to sleep, I like to bring my Kindle Paperwhite that Alex gave me (in a leopard case, of course). I snagged a political thriller (Devil’s Move by Leslie Wolfe) before I left and it kept me in suspense on the trip! The Kindle really does make your bag a little lighter since you can read both books and magazines on it without lugging them around. I usually bring earphones in the event I just want to relax and listen to music…or if I have a talkative neighbor on the flight! 🙂

3) Flying can be terribly dehydrating, so quenching your thirst while traveling is a must. While I used to buy the $10 dollar bottles of water in the airport (okay, slight exaggeration…), I now travel with a Brita water bottle that filters the water from an airport fountain. Remember to keep it empty until you get through security!

4) Tissues are pretty self-explanatory. You don’t want to be 30,000 feet up in the air and stuck with a stuffy nose!

5) Along the same lines, I always keep Excedrin and nasal spray in my bag. You can never be too prepared, and I sometimes end up with headaches or a stuffy nose while I’m traveling. I also bring melatonin along, especially on trips that take me through different time zones.

6) Favorite thing in my bag…hands down! When I travel, I tend to use an airline’s mobile app for my boarding passes. Nothing is worse than having a low battery during your very quick connection and finding out that all of the outlets at the gate (all 4 of them…) are taken. My mom gave me this Halo starlight charger as a stocking stuffer for Christmas a few years ago and it has been a lifesaver many times. Here is the kicker: you have to remember to charge it before you leave!

7) I don’t know about you, but I often feel ravenous when I’m flying. It can be so tempting to grab unhealthy (and expensive!) snacks in the airport, so I try to bring some relatively healthy snacks with me when I fly. On this trip, I brought chocolate peanut butter Quest protein bars, Sahale Snacks cashews with pomegranate and vanilla, and a couple of Clif energy bars. To be clear, I still grabbed lunch or dinner at the airport when needed…these snacks were just to tide me over and to keep me from grabbing the Sour Patch Kids or Raisinets!

8) Last but certainly not least…I like to feel as cozy as possible while flying. I always dress comfortably with layers and I like to bring a travel pillow and sleep mask with me in case I want to sleep. I got this cute set a few years ago when Target and Missoni did their collaboration and I bring it with me every time I fly.

I hope my tips and tricks will help you when it comes time to pack for your next adventure!