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When two people have promised to spend the rest of their lives together, it’s so much fun to come together and celebrate that promise at an engagement party. As an attendee, you’ll want to give the happy couple something to mark the occasion…and if you’re like me, you’ll want it to be unique!

There are hundreds of distinctive and personalized gift options on Etsy, but I opted for something a bit more personal and homemade for a recent engagement party for Alex’s cousin and his lovely fiancee. If you search Pinterest, you’re bound to see an abundance of wedding milestone wine baskets with printable labels. I absolutely love this idea, but struggled to go with the pre-made labels I found. I decided to put my rhyming talents to good use and created my own tags for the bottles!

In this basket, I included five bottles for five occasions: 1) wedding night, 2) home from the honeymoon, 3) first fight, 4) first anniversary and 5) baby time! Aside from creating the poems, I had such a fun time choosing wines that actually correspond with each of the events for the basket!

blog_wedding wine basket wine choices

I simply printed the tags I made on parchment paper and cut them out with decorative scissors. I used a hole punch to make a clean hole for the ribbon that I used to tie the tags to the bottles.

blog_wedding wine basket poem cut out.jpg

I attached them to the bottles using curly ribbon that says “congratulations” and placed them in a basket with some filler. I even found a letter “L” for their last name to give it a little somethin’, somethin’!

blog_wedding wine basket final view.jpg

If you’d like to use the labels I created to make a basket of your own for a special couple in your life, I am happy to share! You can find them here: Wedding milestone wine labels