blog_favorite christmas gift main photo

The multiple Santas in my lifeย were VERY good to me this year and brought me all kinds of wonderful things that have been on my wish list…and a lot of those things are leopard print. ๐Ÿ™‚ย Today, I’m talking aboutย my favorite Christmas gift this year…a new DSLR camera! That’s right…The Skeleton Key Life is about to get a major upgrade!

My loving boyfriend knew I would love the opportunity to take this blog to the next level with more visually appealing photos and did some research about the right one for beginners. He did GREAT! I’ll be using my Canon Rebel T5 to document all of our adventures.


Since it’s been — ahem — a couple years since my college photography classes, I may consider looking into a local series of classes so I can refresh my memory about the photography lingo and camera capabilities. For now, I’m reading up on how to operate the camera manually to get the best photos.

I hope Santa brought you exactly what you wanted for Christmas!