textured vase makeover_main photo

My entryway console table has been in need of a little updating. I usually work floral arrangements into my designs around the house; however, I hadn’t made one for the console table…until now!

I knew I needed a vase with enough height to provide some visual interest. I’ve seen some vases that would work in the space, but they can get a little pricey. Large vases like this can run anywhere from $40-$100 at home decor stores…a little too rich for my blood for a vase. I decided to give a pretty hideous thrift store find a makeover instead! I mean, look at this thing…

tuscan vase upcycle_before pic

Nothing a little bit of spray paint can’t fix. 🙂 I used Krylon Colormaster in Almond, which was about $6 for the can. This satin-finish product is a paint and primer in one and provided just the coverage I needed to fix this floral disaster. After a few coats, the flowers disappeared and I was left with an almond vase.

In order to give it a little more character, I sprayed the vase with a textured spray paint — Krylon Stone Course Texture Paint in white onyx.

tuscan vase upcycle_after stone paint.jpg

Once dried, my new vase was ready to be filled. I added some stems from Michaels and voila…fresh decor for my entryway console. I scored this popular look for less by using a $6 vase from the thrift store and paint I purchased for a fraction of the price using craft store coupons.

Happy DIYing!