blanket ladder_main photo

This is — without a doubt — my favorite project to date. For Christmas 2015, Alex booked us a trip to the Finger Lakes in January because he knew I was dying to visit the region for the first time. I absolutely love wine and there was no shortage of amazing vineyards and wineries for us to explore. I fell in love with the culture and beauty of the region while we were there. On our last day, we stopped for lunch in Watkins Glen on our way back down to Pennsylvania. As we were leaving, I spotted a cool little antique store across the street where I found the subject of today’s blog.

Right outside the antique store, I saw an old wooden painter’s ladder leaning up against the building. The tag read $25 and I was sold! Alex…not so much. He asked me why I would possibly want an old, dirty ladder covered with drops of green, red and white paint. I knew it would be the perfect addition to our basement following our renovation, so we grabbed it and brought it back with us.

We are still working on the basement (there will be a reveal blog once it’s done!), but I couldn’t wait any longer to dive into this ladder project. I ventured down the basement last weekend and fired up my hand sander and started buffing away the layers of paint splatter. Once Alex heard the buzz of the sander, he came down to join the fun!

blanket ladder_alex sanding

It took us a little while to sand all of the paint drips off of the ladder, but once we did, we had ourselves a pretty cool looking piece.

I decided to use my trusty gel stain to give it a darker hue.Β After letting it dry, I finished it off with a coat of clear poly spray to safeguard against scratches and wear.

And tah-dah! I have my very own blanket ladder.

blanket ladder_final

Like I said, this will ultimately find it’s way into our basement once we finish the renovation and have a nice cozy spot for movie watching and hanging out with friends. It will always be a reminder of our first trip to the Finger Lakes together. I love a flip with a good story behind it! Not to mention one that is economical. Similar ladders sell at Pottery Barn for WAY more than I paid and they don’t have a special story behind them. πŸ™‚

blanket ladder_pottery barn version.jpg

If you head to an antique store or a flea market, keep your eyes open for a wooden ladder and don’t let some paint spills scare you away. Happy DIY’ing!