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I’m excited to start a new regular series on this blog ⇒ Capital City Living! The Harrisburg region is booming with restaurants, places to enjoy outdoor adventures, arts and entertainment and great wineries and breweries. Our Capital city may be small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in unique experiences!

For my birthday (and our March date night…resolution, check!), Alex took me to a murder mystery dinner…I have been dying to go to one! He made reservations for us at Bube’s Brewery in Mount Joy. Previously, I had only ever been to Bube’s for lunch, so I didn’t have the opportunity to really get a feel for the nightlife at the establishment.


Bube’s Brewery has history dating all the way back to 1876, when a German immigrant named Alois Bube bought the small establishment. The brewery closed during Prohibition, but the building was maintained by the Bube family. Now, the brewery thrives and offers ghost tours, murder mystery events and multiple dining options.

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Alois, which consists of the original bar and dining rooms from the Victorian Hotel, hosts the murder mystery dinners. Once you enter, you feel like you’re walking into the 19th century! The Catacombs — located 43 feet under the street level — offers diners a unique experience in a stone-lined room, perfect for your fine dining needs. The casual dining and tavern portion of the brewery can be found in The Bottling Works. Finally, for the warmer months, you can dine al fresco in the Biergarten, reminiscent of the drinking gardens found in the founder’s homeland. So many options under one roof!

We dined in the Alois Restaurant for our murder mystery dinner. The evening began with appetizers and a cash bar in the main bar room before being seated for the event. Attendees are seated in four different rooms, often with other attendees if you aren’t attending in a large group of your own. This actually makes the evening even more fun…we sat with four other couples and all had a blast! We actually exchanged contact information and vowed to meet up for another murder mystery in the future. Dinner is served family style, as if you were actually attending the hotel’s opening meal with friends.

Bube’s offers 12 or so different murder mysteries throughout the year. We participated in the Central Hotel Opening mystery, where we were guests alongside the (fictional!) Mount Joy Mayor, prominent citizens and figures from the brewery’s rich history. I won’t go into details about the actual mystery so you can attend and enjoy it for yourself, but I will say that the quality of the production was superb! The actors made us feel like we were really at the grand opening of the hotel back in the 19th century and the intrigue was at an all time high throughout the three-hour dinner.

After the mystery was over and the murderer was revealed, one of the actors — who also happens to be one of the owners of Bube’s — offered a tour of the catacombs and the brewing operations. After hearing about the history of the brewery and hotel throughout the evening, I was hooked and we enjoyed hearing even more history during this quick tour.

All in all, it was a fabulous evening and a ton of fun. I highly recommend checking out Bube’s Brewery for a murder mystery or even just for dinner if the production isn’t your thing.

Get out an enjoy what our Capital City and the surrounding areas have to offer!