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So…you binge-watched House of Cards when it came out over the course of two days and now you’re kicking yourself for not spreading it out a little more. I know I can’t be the only one! If you’re in the same boat and your itching to Netflix and chill this weekend, I have a couple movie recommendations for you. Toss some popcorn in the microwave and curl up on the couch to watch these lesser-known (but entertaining!) films.

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Man Upromantic comedy

This endearing story about a mistaken blind date will have you believing in true love. The british accents and hysterical lines will keep you giggling throughout. This is perfect for date night!


movies_the veil

The Veil | horror

For some reason, I’ve been fascinated by stories about cults and communes ever since I saw a special on Jim Jones and Jamestown years ago. This fictional movie echoes the story of Jamestown, but has its own twist.



This is the story of a couple who purchases a beautiful vineyard, only to find out about its troubling history after the wife begins to have hallucinations.




A woman grieving after a major loss finds herself at a commune with others who are also dealing with their own demons. This is a story about tragedy, loss and surviving that had me bawling like a baby at the end. Beware: there are some strong themes in this in this movie.


movies_out of the darkOut of the Darkhorror

Moving your family to Columbia  to take over the family business can be a big adjustment, but it’s even harder when your new home is haunted. This thriller kept me on the edge of my seat!