hbg beer week_main photo

I’ll start by saying I am not much for beer, but I am for local events that expose me to new restaurants and nightlife…plus, Alex loves craft beer! Last Friday marked the beginning of Harrisburg Beer Week 2016, a week long event offering over 180 events for beer lovers in the Capital region.

Since I’m not a fan of beer, I knew I had to find an event that would appeal to me, too! Luckily, local restaurant Brewhouse Grille in Camp Hill hosted a beer week event combined with ALL YOU CAN EAT CRAB LEGS! That definitely appealed to me. 🙂

The Victory Brewing Company event included the tapping of a rare mystery firkin. Surprise…it was a beermosa!  Victory blended the ingredients from their Golden Monkey brew with champagne yeast and orange juice. Alex was excited to try the brew and gave it two thumbs up.

As for me, I LOVED the all-you-can-eat crab legs…and the best part is Brewhouse offers this special and other seafood specials every Tuesday!

Harrisburg Beer Week continues through this weekend, so you still have time to catch an event or two. Enjoy!