patio light poles_main photo.png

Here is the second installment of our patio makeover!  After we used Granite Grip to completely overhaul our concrete slab patio, I was on to the design phase! I love the look of bistro lights on a patio, but needed to figure out a way to hang them. This planter project was the answer!

What you’ll need:

  • Two 8-foot round poles
  • Two safety cup hooks
  • Two strings of outdoor bistro lights
  • Two small flower pots
  • Two large flower pots
  • One bag of Quikrete concrete mix
  • Potting soil
  • Plants/flowers

For this project, I started by staining the two wood poles with Minwax gel stain. After staining, I let them dry for a day and then sprayed them with poly to protect them from the elements.

light flower poles_stained pole

Once your poles are dry, you can screw in the safety hooks at the top…which will eventually hold the bistro lights. I found a gold version of these 1-1/4 inch safety cup hooks at Home Depot. The hooks are threaded, but we pre-drilled just a tiny bit so they screwed in easier…don’t pre-drill too far!

light flower poles_add hooks

Now that the poles are done, you’re ready to move onto the flower pot portion of the project. In order to hold up the poles, I used small flower pots filled with concrete. Follow the instructions on the concrete mix for this part of the project. It was very easy…we simply poured half of the bag in each of the small flower pots and added water. Once they start to firm up a bit (just takes a few minutes), you can put the poles in the center of the pots. Make sure you place them on a level surface as they dry…preferably not in the grass like I did!

Once your concrete is dry, you can place the smaller flower pots into the larger ones. I filled the entire pot with potting soil before planting a bunch of flowers and plants. Here’s a tip that I’ll use when I reassemble these next year: put rocks in the bottoms of the pots instead of filling the ENTIRE pot with potting soil. These puppies were huge and I needed a ton of soil to fill them! Finish this part of the project by planting whatever flowers you like.

Once your planters are all assembled, place the pots where you want them and you’re ready to hang your bistro lights! We chose to place our pots at the corners of the patio and then hang the lights from the poles to either side of our sliding glass door. Our string lights didn’t have connectors to link multiple strings, so we opted for two strands. We simply opened the safety cup hook and put the last light through. Depending on your configuration, you’ll likely need extension cords and hooks for this part. I ordered siding hooks from Amazon so I could hang the lights without damaging the siding. Since they only came in silver, I hit them with some tan spray paint so they matched the siding.

We looped the extension cords around the hooks and plugged in the lights. While you can definitely see the cords and hooks during the day, you hardly notice them when the lights are on at night.

This was such a fun project and really helped to make our little patio so cozy! We love to sit out there with a fire and the lights on.

patio light poles_at night

Happy DIY’ing!