DIY | Patio Makeover – Part 2

patio light poles_main photo.png

Here is the second installment of our patio makeover!  After we used Granite Grip to completely overhaul our concrete slab patio, I was on to the design phase! I love the look of bistro lights on a patio, but needed to figure out a way to hang them. This planter project was the answer! Continue reading “DIY | Patio Makeover – Part 2”


DIY | Patio Makeover – Part 1

patio_makeover photo main.png

We have a small, concrete slab patio in the back of the house and it was a sorry, sorry sight. We used it sparingly in the past, but as we continue to finish our basement, we definitely want to use it more. So, to get it ready, we took on a patio makeover project to get rid of the drab gray paint look left behind by the previous homeowners.  Continue reading “DIY | Patio Makeover – Part 1”

DIY | Wood “Welcome” Sign

DIY welcome sign_main photo 1.png

There is an awkward little space to the left of our front door and I’ve been dying to fill it with a welcome sign. This is an easy weekend project for you to tackle! Continue reading “DIY | Wood “Welcome” Sign”

DIY | #ThriftedThursday – Blanket Ladder

blanket ladder_main photo

This is — without a doubt — my favorite project to date. For Christmas 2015, Alex booked us a trip to the Finger Lakes in January because he knew I was dying to visit the region for the first time. I absolutely love wine and there was no shortage of amazing vineyards and wineries for us to explore. I fell in love with the culture and beauty of the region while we were there. On our last day, we stopped for lunch in Watkins Glen on our way back down to Pennsylvania. As we were leaving, I spotted a cool little antique store across the street where I found the subject of today’s blog. Continue reading “DIY | #ThriftedThursday – Blanket Ladder”

DIY | #ThriftedThursday – Glass Vase Upcycle


I absolutely love changing around our home decor. If I bought everything I wanted from Pier 1, World Market or West Elm as often as I’d like, we’d go broke! When I get the itch to change things up, I like to scope out our local thrift stores to see if there are any cheap pieces I can upcycle to fit my design style. Luckily, I found a couple of vases on my last trip that inspired me to create a new spring tablescape. Continue reading “DIY | #ThriftedThursday – Glass Vase Upcycle”

DIY | #ThriftedThursday – Textured Vase Makeover

textured vase makeover_main photo

My entryway console table has been in need of a little updating. I usually work floral arrangements into my designs around the house; however, I hadn’t made one for the console table…until now! Continue reading “DIY | #ThriftedThursday – Textured Vase Makeover”

DIY | #ThriftedThursday – Corralling Your Jewelry (stylishly!)

corralling jewelry_main photo.jpg

Welcome to the first installment of my #ThriftedThursday series. Lately, I’ve been inspired to breathe new life into thrifted finds, so I’m sharing with you how I make the old new again!

I’ll admit it…I have a jewelry addiction. I have amassed quite a collection of accessories and I love to find new and interesting pieces! But this also presents another problem…organizing my jewelry so I can easily see what I have, because I’m kind of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind person. I like to see what I have so I can pull together outfits with accessories. I decided I needed a way to keep things out in the open, but in a stylish, organized way. Continue reading “DIY | #ThriftedThursday – Corralling Your Jewelry (stylishly!)”

DIY | Spring Wreath

diy spring wreath_main photo

Today is a special day…my grandmother, Millie, turned 99! I was so glad I could take off work for the day and celebrate her birthday with our family. She is just a really special lady…she is a picture of grace and unending faith in the Lord. While her eyesight and hearing are failing, I still hope I’m in as good of shape as she is when I near her age…and still wearing snazzy outfits with all the right accessories! Continue reading “DIY | Spring Wreath”

DIY | Fireplace Makeover

blog_fireplace makeover main photo.jpg

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, I’m throwing it back to 2013 when I purchased my first house and dove right into renovations! Because this happened way before was ever even a thought, these before pics are lacking in a major way…and I can’t for the life of me find the progress pics for my favorite DIY. Even so, you’ll get the idea and hopefully be inspired to update your own digs if they are in need of it. Continue reading “DIY | Fireplace Makeover”

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