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Mangia | Jalepeno Popper Chicken Casserole

jalepeno popper chicken_main photo.jpg

I love any recipe where I get to experiment with turning a fan favorite appetizer into a full blown meal. This casserole packs just the right amount of punch from the jalapeno peppers, bolstered by a creamy, cheesy sauce. If you like jalapeno poppers, then you’ll really love this casserole version! Plus, it’s ready in about 30 minutes from start to finish. Continue reading “Mangia | Jalepeno Popper Chicken Casserole”


Mangia | Crustless Pizza Bake


Imagine your favorite pizza toppings. Now, imagine them coming together in a cheesy, bubbly bake without all the carbs from the crust! Try this easy pizza bake to satiate your cravings for those heavenly cheese-covered spheres. Continue reading “Mangia | Crustless Pizza Bake”

Mangia | 10-Minute Crab Bisque

crab bisque_main photo.png

I am a huge fan of seafood, especially seafood soups. After a busy day and a late workout at the gym on Friday, I really didn’t feel like cooking at all! I had the ingredients to test out a crab bisque recipe that I came up with last week during meal planning and some pre-made crab cakes that just needed to be baked. I thought the soup would be long and involved since I was testing something new, but I actually created a fast and easy crab bisque recipe that is perfect when you are short on time but craving a hot dinner! Continue reading “Mangia | 10-Minute Crab Bisque”

Mangia | Taco Lettuce Wraps

taco lettuce wraps_main photo.png

Alex and I recently started to carb cycle in our diet in an effort to get ready for summer. Carb cycling is when you alternate low-carb and high-carb days in an effort to switch your body into fat-burning mode. We are a week in and I’m starting to get the hang of it. I like that I don’t have to deprive myself of anything…if it fits my macros (i.e. breakdown of protein, carbs and fat), then I can eat it. Everything in moderation…my kind of eating plan! Continue reading “Mangia | Taco Lettuce Wraps”

Mangia | Lighter “Smothered” Chicken

smothered chicken_main photo

I’m back with another easy, lightened-up meal for your busy weeknights! If you go out to eat at restaurants, there is almost always a “smothered” chicken dish on the menu. You think, “Oh, it’s chicken…it can’t be that bad.” In reality, the “smothered” part of it usually jacks up the calories and the fat. Have no fear…here is a simple yet TASTY homemade version. Continue reading “Mangia | Lighter “Smothered” Chicken”

Mangia | Taco Stuffed Peppers

taco peppers_main photo.png

It’s Cinco de Mayo and people everywhere will be commemorating the day with flavorful Mexican delicacies. Not to be outdone, I made a muy delicioso new recipe that boasts the flavor of tacos without the unwanted carbs from the shells! Continue reading “Mangia | Taco Stuffed Peppers”

Mangia | Baked “Smoked” Chicken Drumsticks

baked drumsticks_main photo

Chicken, chicken, chicken. Sometimes I feel like that’s all I make! But, it’s a staple in our diet and I am always coming up with new ways to make poultry. I experimented and came up with a DE-LI-CIOUS smoky dry rub recipe to make your chicken even more tasty!

You can use this method on any cut of chicken, but since I’m always using breasts, I picked up a pack of chicken drumsticks for this recipe. The mixture of spices evokes a “smoked” flavor, and once you add the BBQ sauce, these will tantalize your taste buds for sure. Continue reading “Mangia | Baked “Smoked” Chicken Drumsticks”

Mangia | Cheesy Lasagna Roll-Ups

lasagna rollups_main photo

Being Italian, I’m conditioned to love pasta…all kinds of pasta! One of my favorite ways to eat pasta is lasagna, so I love the idea of trying new recipes. While traditional lasagna includes meat, these lasagna roll-ups are perfect with just a cheesy filling. I’ve seen numerous recipes with spinach included, but I prefer my own cheesy, garlic-y mixture, sans the green stuff! These are fairly easy to make and come together quickly after a long day at work. Continue reading “Mangia | Cheesy Lasagna Roll-Ups”

Mangia | Easiest Shrimp Scampi Bake

shrimp scampi main photo

I love seafood…but sometimes it can be complicated to make that delicious meal you had at a restaurant or get your seafood cooked just right. In an effort to recreate a favorite meal of mine and use some things I had sitting in the pantry, I came up with the EASIEST shrimp scampi bake ever. Four ingredients and about 20 minutes are all you need to have the perfect shrimp scampi! Continue reading “Mangia | Easiest Shrimp Scampi Bake”

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