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Mangia | Crispy Cheese Crackers

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Do you LOVE crunchy, salty snacks like me? If I’m being honest, I like all snacks..including sweets…but there is a special place for the crunch and the salt!  I could really go to town on a bag of chips when I’m in the mood, but since I can’t let myself do that, I have to find other ways to satisfy my taste buds!

Enter: crispy cheese crackers. Now, I’m not advocating that you eat 15 of these in one sitting, but the crispiness will definitely satisfy your need for crunch…and who doesn’t love cheese? Continue reading “Mangia | Crispy Cheese Crackers”


Mangia | Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Almonds

chocolate almonds_main photo

If you’ve been reading along, you know I have a sweet tooth. It hits me often, especially after dinner, when I just need a little somethin’, somethin’! I will start by saying I have never been a huge fan of nuts, save for the cinnamon-roasted pecans that smell so delicious at the mall. BUT…I have opened my mind to almonds and used them in a few granola recipes. This time, I decided to try something a bit different! Continue reading “Mangia | Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Almonds”

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